Wrightwood Estates Homes For Sale

Wrightwood Estates homes for sale: A beautiful neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills

If you head east of Studio City, you’ll find Wrightwood Estates – a fabulous and lush neighborhood located in the Hollywood Hills. Wrightwood Estates homes for sale features wonderful homes of different styles and often come with beautiful views that oversee all of Los Angeles.. The neighborhood, one of the many to sit within the Hollywood Hills features excellent weather, unpretentious beauty and is a location worth living.



The Hollywood Hills are a part of the Santa Monica Mountains and a hillside neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, making Wrightwood Estates and Wrightwood Estates homes for sale, the best location to live if you want to be in the center of the action. Wrightwood Estates homes for sale is conveniently located next to the 101 Freeway, making traveling much easier and features two private and three public schools for you to choose from. Wrightwood Estates homes for sale is close in distance to other Hollywood Hills neighborhoods such as: Beachwood Canyon, Cahuenga Pass, Franklin Village, Hollywood Heights, Whitley Heights and Outpost Estates, giving Wrightwood Estates and Wrightwood Estates homes for sale a desirable neighborhood to reside in.  Wrightwood Estates and Wrightwood Estates homes for sale is a great shortcut to Mulholland Drive and is a brief drive to West Hollywood

The neighborhood touches Studio City, Universal City and Burbank on the north and Hollywood to the south and is close in proximity to iconic spots such as the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, the Hollywood Reservoir, the Hollywood Bowl and the John Anson Ford Theater.

Given its location in the Hollywood Hills, Wrightwood Estates and Wrightwood Estates homes for sale is the ideal neighborhood for celebrities and the world’s hottest stars to reside in. Celebrities such as actress Halle Berry, former “The Voice” judge Christina Aguilera and actor Kevin Costner are just three of the few celebrities to live in the Hollywood Hills.

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Here are some pictures of Wrightwood Estates homes for sale.


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Why move to Wrightwood Estates?

Heart of Los Angeles: Located within the Hollywood Hills, Wrightwood Estates is in the central region of Los Angeles and is close in proximity to some of Los Angeles’ most famous locations, such as: West Hollywood, the Hollywood Bowl and Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Why neighbors love Wrightwood Estates

Peaceful • Dog Friendly • Beautiful • Clean • Convenient • Hills • Family Friendly • Well Maintained • Walkability • Location

Top neighbor interests

Dogs • Music • Food • Wine • Friends • Movies • Family • Travel • Reading • Hiking

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Why Choose A Top Producer?

If you’re thinking about selling your house, condo or investment property in Wrightwood Estates:

TWO Things You Must Do:

  • Select a Professional Realtor familiar with Wrightwood Estates homes for sale.
  • Establish the selling price for your Wrightwood Estates homes for sale.

As your exclusive agent I will prepare a Current Market Analysis (CMA) with valuable information to help you price your Wrightwood Estates home for a quick and efficient sale. I will also prepare a detailed marketing plan showing a week-by-week analysis of what I will do to promote your Wrightwood Estates home for sale. Most importantly, I will make sure only pre-approved buyers see your home, hold open house as often as necessary and see that your Wrightwood Estates home for sale is SOLD.

TWO Things I Must Do:

  • Market Your Wrightwood Estates Homes For Sale
  • Get Your Wrightwood Estates Home SOLD!

I am Maggie Oreck and I want to help you sell your home. I have over 14 years of real estate experience and the tools, education and technology to SELL your Wrightwood Estates home in the quickest time and for the highest amount of money.  I will provide a high level of online exposure through social media integration and SEO (search engine optimization) results. Your Wrightwood Estates home for sale will be syndicated to all portals that savvy home buyers use such as: Relator.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc… In addition to the incredible online exposure your home will receive, you will also receive print media attention that allows homes to stand out through high quality photos, virtual tours, and much more.

I have been selling homes in and around Studio City for many years. Interested in one of the Studio City- homes for sale? Contact me to discuss how I can best serve your Wrightwood Estates real estate needs!

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