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Information and History of Toluca Lake and Toluca Lake Homes For Sale

Toluca Lake is a neighborhood located in the San Fernando Valley just northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. The neighborhood of Toluca Lake is named after the private natural lake that is fed through the Los Angeles River and is maintained by the surrounding property owners. Toluca Lake homes for sale is located to the south of Universal City, west of Studio City, north to North Hollywood and east of the city of Burbank, with part of Toluca Lake homes for sale spilling into Burbank.


The history of Toluca Lake is traced back to the Tongva Indians and later followed by Spanish and Mexican occupation and development. The Tongva Indians, whom had been known to live in the San Fernando Valley for 8,000 years, used the springs of the Toluca Lake for water, fishing, hunting and harvesting. It was later part of the early rancho system in the region, and was later divided with the area known as Forman Toluca Ranch, where is was known for crops of peaches, apples and walnuts. By 1923, investors bought and developed the land, known as “Toluca Lake Park.”


Genral Charles Forman, a wealthy local landowner, chose the name “Toluca” from a Paiute word meaning “fertile” or “beautiful” valley.

As one of the wealthiest men in Nevada, Forman made his fortune out of practically nothing, starting as a miner and cattle rancher, he fell in love with Los Angeles native Mary Agnes Gray, and soon moved to the area and started the Kern River Company. Kern River Company was a power company that delivered electricity tfrom Kern River into Los Angeles. The Forman Toluca Lake Ranch was flourished as a producer of peaches, apples and walnets and later developed the land as “Toluca Lake Park”.

Forman had a vision of transforming Toluca Lake Park into the first “bedroom community” for Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley and thus Toluca Lake homes for sale was born. The company formally changed the name of the community to just Toluca Lake homes for sale and adopted “swan on rippled water” images as the official logo for the community.

Toluca Lake and Toluca Lake homes for sale has seen the neighborhood grown exponentially as the home of entertainment as it was the site of the wedding reception for Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

The Toluca Lake is a 6-acre body of water located just southeast of the district’s boundaries. The natural lake is historic in nature, and was fed by springs up groundwater from the Los Angeles River and San Fernando Valley subterranean aquifers. To prevent seepage, the Los Angeles DWP placed four inches of asphalt concrete, as well as extracted the well to maintain appropriate water levels. Since the lake is owned by surrounding homeowners, the Toluca Lake Property Owners Association, the lake (and Lakeside Golf Club) is inaccessible to the public.

The Los Angeles portion of Toluca Lake and Toluca Lake homes for sale has a population of roughly 8,563 residents, making it one of the lowest population densities in the city of Los Angeles.

Avaitor Amelia Earhart one called Toluca Lake home after marrying flamboyant publishing magnate George Putnamin in 1931. Living in a Spanish colonial-style home (that still exists today), she made Toluca Lake homes for sale her home becaust the best aircraft in the world was being designed and built in nearby Burbank. Frank Sinatra once moved to Toluca Lake homes for sale with his family and Entertainer Bob Hope moved to Toluca Lake homes for sale and lived there until his death in 2003. Toluca Lake and Toluca Lake homes for sale has a variety of stories about celebrities who have lived in Toluca Lake and Toluca Lake homes for sale.

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Why move to Toluca Lake?

If the sunshine of the Golden State is calling your name, there would be no better place to go than Toluca Lake and Toluca Lake homes for sale!

  • Excellence in Education: Toluca Lake has top-notch education available for children and adults alike. With 48% of Toluca Lake residents earning four-year degrees, Toluca Lake homes for sale boasts some of the highest figures in the country for graduates and those with a master’s degree. As a part of the Los Angeles Unified School District, it features schools such as Toluca Lake Elementary and Toluca Crossroads School, a private elementary school.
  • Proximity to Los Angeles: Only steps away from the heart of one of America’s largest cities, Toluca Lake visitors and residents can take advantage of all that Los Angeles offers. Plan an exciting visit to Universal Studio and tour behind the scenes at some of the greatest films and shows ever made. Put on your walking shoes and stroll down Ventura Boulevard, ready to shop until you drop. If you’re in the mood to sit by the ocean, head out to some of the best beaches in the country at Malibu Surfrider Beach, El Matador Beach, Leo Carrillo State Beach, or Venice Beach. Enjoy the waves, the sand, and the boardwalks at these classically Californian locations!

Why neighbors love Toluca Lake:

Peaceful • Dog Friendly • Beautiful • Clean • Convenient • Hills • Family Friendly • Well Maintained • Walkability • Location

Top Neighbor Interests:

Dogs • Music • Food • Wine • Friends • Movies • Family • Travel • Reading • Hiking


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If you’re thinking about selling your house, condo or investment property in Toluca Lake and looking for a Toluca Lake homes for sale

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