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Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale

Information and Guide to Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale

Colfax Meadows is one Studio City’s original (and most prestigious) neighborhoods just south of the Los Angeles River and to the east of Tujunga. Developed in 1920 and named after Vice President Schuyler Colfax (under Ulysses S. Grant), Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale features large lots with sprawling ranch homes that were shaded by huge sycamore trees. Today, Studio City – Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale is a mixture of large homes on large lots and smaller homes placed on smaller lots.  Colfax Meadows is known for its proximity to the trendy Tujunga Village, which features delights such as Aroma Café, Vitellos, the Gelato Bar and fabulous boutiques and salons.



While there are many reasons to make Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale “the place to live,” location plays a vital role.

Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale is walking distance to gems such as Radford Studios, the Farmer’s Market and Tujunga Village – with easy access to both freeways and Ventura Boulevard. The neighborhoods are friendly and perfect for multi-generational families.

For some, education is an important aspect of determining a home and Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale provides education that you cannot find elsewhere. Colfax Meadows has a unique situation when it comes to public schooling options. All Studio City – Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale residents have an option of selecting the Carpenter Community Charter School (but) depending on the location, you can select Colfax Elementary or Rio Vista Elementary. These schools are popular and provide an excellent education for your children, making Studio City – Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale the place to live.


Studio City Communities:

• The Donas  • Longridge Estates  • Fryman Estates   • The Island  • Silver Triangle  • Wrightwood Estates

Other Areas:

• Sherman Oaks  • Encino  • Tarzana  • Woodland Hills  • Calabasas  • Valley Village  • Valley Glen  • Toluca Lake  • North Hollywood


Why move to Studio City?

  • If the sunshine of the Golden State is calling your name, there would be no better place to go than Studio City!

Studio City Farmers Market (Every Sunday morning from 8:00AM – 2:00 PM) Voted The Most Kid Friendly Farmers Market by Los Angeles magazine and a Parents Pick by Nickelodeons Parents Connect. For More Information

Ties to Television and Movies: Studio City hosts a variety of notable places, including the venerable CBS Studio Center, a television and film studio that has launched classic shows like “Leave It to Beaver” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” as well as some of today’s favorites including “The Voice” and “3rd Rock from the Sun.” Not only has CBS Studio Center produced these outstanding television shows, but also it has served as the launchpad for entertaining movies such as “The Back Up Plan”, “I Love Trouble”, and “The Muppet Movies.”

Visit CBS’s web site at
For ticket information and show taping dates go to

Incredible Dining: Besides the best Sushi restaurants in Los Angeles around Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale you will find a variety of restaurants such as Suncafe Organic, Aroma Coffee and Tea, Carneys American Restaurant, and The Baked Potato are local favorites! Grab a chair, sip a refreshing drink, and spend the day with friends dining in the sunshine.

Excellence in Education: Studio City prides itself on its community, and its schools serve as a testament to the neighborhood’s pride. Carpenter Community Charter School, Harvard Westlake School, Campbell Hall School, and Bridges Academy are a few of the world-class institutions serving the residents of Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale.

Outstanding Nature: While Studio City can boast about its connections to television and film, one of the hidden secrets of this pleasant neighborhood comprising Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale is its natural beauty.  Fryman Canyon Park and Wilacre Park offer families beautiful hiking trails with views over the valley. You can take a drive through or stop and enjoy a stroll. These parks, as well as the Los Angeles River Walk, which loops through Studio City, encourage all who visit to take some time and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Proximity to Los Angeles: Only steps away from the heart of one of America’s largest cities, Studio City visitors and residents can take advantage of all that Los Angeles offers. Plan an exciting visit to Universal Studio and tour behind the scenes at some of the greatest films and shows ever made. Put on your walking shoes and stroll down Ventura Boulevard, ready to shop until you drop. If you’re in the mood to sit by the ocean, head out to some of the best beaches in the country at Malibu Surfrider Beach, El Matador Beach, Leo Carrillo State Beach, or Venice Beach. Enjoy the waves, the sand, and the boardwalks at these classically Californian locations!

Why neighbors love Studio City – Colfax Meadows:

Peaceful • Dog Friendly • Beautiful • Clean • Convenient • Hills • Family Friendly • Well Maintained • Walkability • Location

Top Neighbor Interests:

Dogs • Music • Food • Wine • Friends • Movies • Family • Travel • Reading • Hiking

Other Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale Area Resources:

To learn more about this unique and extraordinary neighborhood in the Los Angeles area, please visit the following Studio City resources:

Studio City Chamber of Commerce

CBS Studio Center

Studio City school system

Studio City metro transportation system

LA.’s Underground Subway


Why Choose A Top Studio City Producer?

If you’re thinking about selling your house, condo or investment property in Studio City:

TWO Things You Must Do:

  • Select a Professional Realtor familiar with  Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale
  • Establish the selling price for your Studio City home.

As your exclusive agent I will prepare a Current Market Analysis (CMA) with valuable information to help you price your Studio City home for a quick and efficient sale. I will also prepare a detailed marketing plan showing a week-by-week analysis of what I will do to promote your Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale. Most importantly, I will make sure only pre-approved buyers see your home, hold open house as often as necessary and see that your Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale is SOLD.

TWO Things I Must Do:

  • Market Your Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale
  • Get Your Studio City Home SOLD!

I am Maggie Oreck and I want to help you sell your home. I have over 14 years of real estate experience and the tools, education and technology to SELL your Studio City home in the quickest time and for the highest amount of money.  I will provide a high level of online exposure through social media integration and SEO (search engine optimization) results. Your Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale will be syndicated to all portals that savvy home buyers use such as:, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc… In addition to the incredible online exposure your home will receive, you will also receive print media attention that allows homes to stand out through high quality photos, virtual tours, and much more.

I have been selling homes in and around Studio City for many years. Interested in one of the Colfax Meadows Homes For Sale? Contact me to discuss how I can best serve your Studio City real estate needs!

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